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Another of those self-proclaimed geniuses…
err…not exactly, at least I consider many of the other so called self-proclaimed geniuses to be dumb. Only few are real geniuses. The others are those who shout to make things sound true…’snob’ could be the word.
Love movies, sarcasm, photography, people who are dumb but don’t realize they are, Madras, வெட்டி கதை, மொக்கை, Google Transliterate’லிருந்து தமிழில் எழுதுவது, making fun of people (well…not the sadist kind, but just for fun), cribbing about work/boss (2 years in software development 😉 ), riding pallavan buses, ritchie street, video-games, buying new computers frequently just to play those games (not sure how frequent its going to be from now as I need to spend my own money), writing ‘…’ at the end of most of my lines…adding things to this list whenever I can think of a new one…

Photography – I
Photography – II
One of my newest interests.

PS: I used to hate smileys…dunno how I started using them…

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