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July 19, 2010

Every time I hear somebody go on like “Shawshank Redemption…it’s an awesome movie man…and you say, you haven’t watched it ?!! Don’t tell me you haven’t seen Godfather too…!”, I enjoy a silent/wicked smile. That statement would always remind me of the times I got into movies. I am somewhere between a total movie geek and someone who would have come up with the above statement. Not a pro, not a rookie. I have my own tastes, my own differences from great critics etc. I don’t know why I am always sarcastic about ‘hope’ and “offers i can’t refuse”…. “The Horror!! The Horror.” Those 2 (actually 3 if you noticed “The Horror!” but thats a movie that is way better than the ones mentioned above) are really good movies that prove to be a great starting point to get into movies. Then you(I) graduate(d) into classics, then you(I) start appreciating the greatness of Hitchcock, the New Wave (and of course, a lot more movies from great names that I can mention to show off and puzzle some people). Then you try to revise your geography lessons and enter all foreign territories. At this point some people get carried away so much that they tend to ignore the good movies that come out in your local language – luckily I still am able to appreciate good movies that rarely come up in Tamil. But I always console myself watching some wonderful old Tamil movie. Some of the new films look promising but somehow fail to end up as greats. But they do give us some ‘hope’.

One thing I learnt about movies is that if you want to enjoy a movie, you can enjoy it. It’s only a matter of finding out how to enjoy. Most movies that I really enjoy are the ones that most people don’t bother to watch. So I prefer watching them alone and then read discussions about it, discuss with friends who would have definitely enjoyed it. Then there are movies that need to be watched with friends. These are obviously the famous ones. Then there are movies of Vijay, T.R, Captain etc. I’m limiting myself to few of such greats from the Tamil movie industry alone. Their movies also can be enjoyed by watching it as a huge gang and making fun of all their on-screen antics.

Today we are in a state where I think I will have to write “Inception” wherever I had written Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather so far. I liked the movie as everyone did. What bothered me the most, was the way so many people came up with their own genius reviews on every millimeter online that they could lay their hands on. “Greatest movie…this..that” and what not. Some were welcomed with a good amount of ridicule that I enjoyed very much. “Greatest movie u’ve watched is it? wat other movies have u watched? Thambi, Sura??”. I am definitely not comparing Inception with these movies. I am at wonder at how people jump to conclusions calling the movie a masterpiece, the greatest etc. These people need to watch some real masterpieces. My friend rightly put it the other day. He said people say things like that in a fear that others might think they did not understand the movie. Very true. Can we call it கும்பலோட கோவிந்தா ? It is just going to be a matter of time before Inception gives way to the next instant “greatest” movie.

Lets watch/enjoy/talk more movies, good movies, great movies…waiting for next “greatest” movie and some really great movies. I’ll leave you with images from a few of my favourite movies.

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  1. July 22, 2010 12:36 pm

    Good one ! TO put ur blog in a nut shell, what one calls as “great” and what one calls as a “pathetic” movie is just a perception and an opinion. I dont bother about imdb’s top 250 list. Its based on polling and there r always majorities and minorities in this world.According to “my view”, I was amazed at the way Nolan had come up wid the concept but that does not mean that its the best movie of all time. I would still enjoy an emotional moving movie like a forest gump equally. I dont watch tamil movies not beacuse they r not “great” but I dont prefer them. I still appreciate the way a kamal hassan or a maniratnam act or direct movies.

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