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Long time no see

July 7, 2009

I was carrying out my routine with the TV, which is switching channels with the remote, when I happened to see the Williams sisters warming-up for the final. Oh! I don’t have a direct-to-home nor do I subscribe to the pay-channels. This was some lucky day. So, that’s how I got to watch the Ladies’ Wimbledon final. It was awesome to see some great tennis action after so many years. I don’t remember the last time I saw live tennis. I followed tennis till the DD showed all the major tennis action live…around the time till Pete Sampras was there. The match started off in a great fashion and ended up on a not-so-great note, thanks to Venus who suddenly seemed to have no answers. But it felt great to have seen a tennis match after such a long time. Then my irritation towards cricket started, for the next day there was a match that they would show and not the Men’s finals.

Having nothing else to do I switched on the TV hoping that by some remote chance, they would show tennis. Before the screen showed anything, I thought I heard the plok-plok sound of a tennis racquet hitting the ball. It was true. I saw the gentlemen’s finals. There was a message that stayed on the screen permanently that looked like a scorecard. It said something like “Ind vs WI delayed due to rain.”.Fuming, I read it as “Please bear with us. We are showing tennis just because the cricket match is being delayed”. Why else would that message be showed constantly? But this proved to be an awesome match. After being away from tennis this long, I could see the contrast between other team games and tennis. This was more challenging both physically and mentally. The player has to play for himself rather for a team. This would give rise to one’s 100% without any doubts. The audience cheered for the player rather than a team. Just think of the difference between screaming “Come on India” when the last two guys are batting compared to “Come on Roger…” . The player’s mind would definitely be affected differently to these chants. I supported Roddick. I have had enough of Federer’s winning. He need not prove that he’s a great anymore. Roddick played brilliantly. It was just hard luck I would say. May be I supported Roddick because Federer was on the verge of surpassing Sampras’ record. Sampras is still my favourite, though I hardly remember anything of his play. He was the great when I had a gotten a grip of what tennis was.

I never hated cricket. Yes…its “hate(d)”…history. I still remember how big a thing World Cup 1996 was for me. I still remember the “Wills World Cup 1996…Share the magiiiic” ads and what not? Kambli crying, the crowd that behaved like spoilt kids, Richie Richardson’s sweep shot hitting the square-leg umpire during the semi-final with the Aussies etc. I supported the Aussies from the times of Mark Waugh and Mark Taylor, the team under Steve Waugh and even when Ponting was made captain( Yeah I am a patriot, but found that feeling different from sports. That might anyway give rise to many debates.). But these days cricket is no more interesting. One reason I found tennis this interesting this sunday is probably because of the least commercial intervention. The players make big-time money. But, somehow they seem to know where to draw the line. Hope the kids of today learn something from them. I don’t want to go on about the T20 and the modernisation of the sport etc. Come on…It would just be pointless.

If you asked me “So what’s your point?” or where it is, I don’t have an answer. This is just me rambling about, indeed pretty jobless and definitely not trying to kill time. If you want to know how I kill time…

Here’s how

and also here…

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  1. satiskum permalink
    July 7, 2009 2:27 pm

    i always love watching tennis..its rare that matches go for 3 hrs like the high quality still has’nt lost the class of players and its has lost its charm..

    • ydswaran permalink*
      July 7, 2009 2:31 pm

      wow…i just clicked “Publish” 😀
      absolutely agree on that…!

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