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La Nuit Américaine

June 16, 2009

This morning I heard a rooster crowing…a rare occurrence in my place. This reminded me of the only other time I remember hearing a rooster crowing near my place. It was around 6.45 on a Saturday morning. I had just come back from office after going there the previous day at around 12 noon, I switched on the fan and went to fall on the bed when the damn thing crowed. “Holy crap ! I’ve never heard such a thing near my house.” I was already pissed for all obvious reasons. Just before I left office, I asked someone for some clarification. It was actually very trivial. He asked, “என்னடா கேரா இருக்க?” (something like “you feeling dizzy or something?”).

That was an interesting week for during that time, i was working late for almost few months. So we never had track of time. We were familiar with sleepy drivers driving us home, the late night(…or should i say early morning) radio shows. The week was good till Wednesday, we left just before 00:00, I remarked “when I go home, my mom is gonna ask ‘you left office the same day you left!’ “. Since I had left office ‘early’, I came to office at 9 in the morning on Thursday. I left at 4.30 on Friday. It was my longest day at office.

When I went home, I was woken up after half hour of sleep by (don’t ask me “Oh! so you slept?!”) someone banging on the door and calling for someone. It was next door. An old couple live there. This happened pretty often. So, I just lay awake. After sometime, the banging became frantic and ‘calling out’ became sobbing. “OMG!! Think the grandpa passed away in the loo…”. After some more time, I thought I have to go find out what happened to that grandpa. I woke my dad…”wake up! think that next-door grandpa passed away!!”. My dad had a wonderful start to his next day…For me it was still the same day.
Then, the grandma called…”Eshwar…”

They are the best combination you can imagine. The grandpa has vision problems and grandma can’t hear. Grandpa had closed the door after he went to have water or something. He didn’t realize that grandma also was up and he had closed the room where she was and went back to bed. She had been locked up for quite sometime and apparently started crying. I jumped over the wall and went to a window and knocked on it. “Old fella…you’ve locked up your lady love there. please open the door and let me sleep a little bit.” Finally I went back to bed not knowing, that the next day I would have a silly rooster mocking me.

— La Nuit Américaine —

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  1. June 16, 2009 1:31 pm

    LOL! To think that this is the same guy who actually went to bed by 9 during college time! You needed this sometime in your life, just so you could know how 12 AM in the night looked like 😛

    • ydswaran permalink*
      June 16, 2009 4:16 pm

      i could’ve learnt how 12 am looked like by countless other enjoyable means…not by working !

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