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April 4, 2008

I rest my arm on the window… I rest a knee on the seat before me, i rest the other elbow in a rather tough-to-explain place…on top of my seat, i.e on top of where i rest my spine (hope u got it).
I already boarded the wrong route from office, so I got down at a place from where i can reach home using the public transport bus.

It was stuffy and I was starting to get restless when the conductor blew the whistle. Finally, I felt a gush of the cool sea breeze when i put my face outside the window. He comes, asks me to buy the ticket, I give him the money and ask for my place “Mandaveli”. It feels so good to ask for one’s place. The sense of relief, that I’m going home, going to do something I would enjoy doing atlast after a crappy day, idling at office as usual.
“அம்பது காசு இருக்…” I cut him in the middle of the sentence and hand him the half rupee (he asks for an extra half rupee so that he can give a whole rupee change).

Then it is as normal a ride as every other day in a public transport bus. For a taciturn(or rather someone who doesn’t talk much to strangers but is a pain in the neck to his friends) person like me, the enjoyment is from the lot of things one can find in this ride that one cannot find in a bus from a work-place. I have read so many people write tirelessly about these kinds of bus-trips and felt most of them cloying with the sense of belonging to ones own people and ones own places. But i realised how they felt only when i started traveling for about 3 hours daily in my office bus. I really miss the good ol’ days i used to use the public transport daily to go to college.

It is as entertaining to watch people fight as to set your eyes on ‘someone’ inviting.
There is always the unpredictably predictable things happening in a public bus/train compared to the monotonous office-bus-rides. There is some female shouting at the guy who occupies a seat reserved for ladies “Are you really a man?!!”. Then you have the guy complaining about someone stamping his feet. Then there is the man/woman who keeps acting as if he/she is about to die and asks someone to give them the seat. There is also the Mr. Romeo and there is the Mr.Nice-Guy who saves every damsel in distress he sets his sight on.

When my friend got posted in an office near to his place and I got an office in the outskirts of the city, I was pissed like anything…he said “Thats life!!”. When I ended up getting bad scores in exams I did very well, they said “Thats life!!”. But when everyone keeps fretting about these public transport, I want to tell them , ” ‘This‘ , my friend is life!!”

Be it a photograph I take or be it something I want to write, I always end up missing the most important thing I would have thought of saying. So i end this post as any of my ‘works’… unfinished…

When I post this, I would definitely remember what i wanted to say…”Thats life!!”

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  1. ravikiran permalink
    April 4, 2008 5:07 pm

    nice.. good one..
    after the first para, i thought, chi bus la poi!!

    and yes my friend, this IS life, but you ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂

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