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Megatron, Prakashraj the great new movie villains

July 10, 2011

This weekend, I watched a lot of movies. Transformers : The Dark of the Moon, Horrible Bosses and வேங்கை. Let me start with Transformers. I have no complaints about watching this movie. I knew what to expect and what not to. I had seen the first one and not the second. I don’t think this would matter, as I don’t expect a high level plot development. I loved the special effects, explosions, car chases etc. Since Optimus Prime had already defeated Megatron once, they had to bring up someone new – Sentinel Prime, voiced by the legendary ‘Spock’ Leonard Nimoy (I have never seen Star Terk, so I only know of the legend). I still loved Peter Cullen’s voice for Optimus Prime better. One interesting/funny thing about this movie was, they had brought the human element into the machines a lot. The transformers behave a lot like humans, show emotions and everything. This leads to many LOL moments. When a few Decepticons get a hold of a bunch of Autobots, they make the Autobots kneel down with a ‘handgun’ to the head and make them put their hands behind the head. The Autobots have human-like facial features and are voiced by people from different cultures. There is also an Autobot with a bald head and hair(??!!) on the sides who looks very much like an east Asian. I don’t know why they did this, but it was un(?)intentionally funny. The one thing that pissed me off was the key role that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley played. This is one time where I felt the idea of songs like in our movies was better. The girl could dance in those songs and hardly be seen in the other scenes. A brilliant idea from Shia LaBeouf and thanks to her awesome negotiating skills, she single handedly confronts Megatron. He is fucking MEGATRON…He was the one that roared “I…AM…MEGATRON” in Hugo Weaving’s voice in the first movie. He falls for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!
No wonder Decepticons needed a better leader. Towards the end, Decepticons were made to look like monsters from fantasy movies. The way to kill them, apparently is to make them blind and shoot their foot with some huge rockets. Awesome!! I had seen a video of shooting the scene where dudes in winged suits drop off sky-scrapers. That looked cool on screen.

The movie should have been shorter. I had to go to the loo. I waited till the end and ran off outside the theatre. I didn’t notice the loo within the threshold, where the guy checks for your tickets. So I had to pay for the next movie. Michael Bay, you owe me a movie ticket for making Transformers 3 so long. It was Horrible Bosses next. The movie was about a bunch of crazy events where three guys get into trouble and (SPOILER ALERT) end up being saved by the voice of an Indian with a pseudonym Gregory. The movie was good and I didn’t regret paying for the ticket.

Then, I watched வேங்கை. Prakashraj is proving to be a great entertainer these days – I said entertainer and not actor. The one thing he keeps doing whether he plays a villain or a guy in distress (like in வானம்) is he manages to give a look of shock where he has his eyes in such a manner that his eye-balls would fall off from his face anytime and stammer “ஏய்…யாய்…யாய்…” or give amazing dialogues like “பருப்புல பெரிசு முந்திரி…பதவில பெரிசு மந்திரி”. I watched the scene again to see if I missed some joke or he really was serious. Guess he was indeed serious. The only scene in the movie I liked was when Rajkiran walks into his house and ask his wife Urvasi “இங்க என்ன நடக்குது?” to which she says “நாய் நடக்குது…பூன நடக்குது…அந்த பாட்டி நடக்குது…”. I should have known when I saw a dog walk by. My friend rightly said they are not giving a chance for people from லொள்ளு சபா to attempt a parody on the movies these days with such amazing dialogues. So true.

Off to watch some லொள்ளு சபா.

Image from someone else’s blog. Got only a preview from Google Images and could not link to the actual image. So I’ll just link to the blog.



August 14, 2010

கொஞ்ச நாளாவே நம்ம மெட்ராசுல I.T ஆளுங்கள பாத்தாலே பலருக்கு செம்ம காண்டு.
ஏதோ ஒரு மொக்க படம் பாத்துட்ருந்தேன்…அதுல நாலு வெட்டி பசங்க. ஒருத்தன் சொல்றான்…
“எல்லா ஏரியாலவும் இந்த I.T ஆளுங்க புகுந்துட்டு, நாம வீடு தேடி கஷ்ட பற்றுந்த போது எடம் கொடுத்து காப்பதுனது இந்த குப்பம்தான்…இதுக்கு நாம எதாச்சும் செய்யணும்…”
இவனுக்கு குப்பத்து மேல நல்ல எண்ணமா இல்ல I.T ஆளுங்க மேல நா சொன்ன அந்த காண்டா ? புரீலபா…

“த்த்தா…பேசற பாஷையும் புரியாது ஒரு மயிரும் புரியாது…வந்துட்டாங்கய்யா…களுத்துல தொங்கவுட்டுக்குனு…சொம்ம்மா…”
ஒரு bus conductor கடுப்புல பொலம்பிட்டு இருந்தான்…சில்ற இல்லாத நம்ம ஹிந்திகார புள்ளைய பாத்து…
பொழைக்க வந்தவனுக்கு உதவி பண்ணலைநாலும் பரவா இல்ல. பாவம்… ஏன் இப்டி அசிங்கப்படுத்தணும்?

ஆட்டோகாரங்க பொதுவா எல்லருயும் காலி பண்றது வழக்கம்…இதுல “களுத்துல தொங்கவுட்டுக்குனு” ஒருத்தன் வந்தா…நாமம்தான் !

நானும் ரெண்டு வருஷம் “களுத்துல தொங்கவுட்டுக்குனு”தான் இருந்தேன்…ஆனா office’ல மட்டும்தான் தொங்கவுட்டுக்குனு இருப்பேன்…office’க்கு வெளியில அந்த ID-Card’அ மாட்டிட்டு இருக்க எனக்கும் அசிங்கமாத்தான் இருக்கும்.
அந்த வேலைல கேவல பொழப்பு இருந்துது. மத்த வேலைகள்ல இல்லாத ஒரு தனிப்பட்ட கேவலம் அதுல எதுவும் பெருசா இல்ல…

அமெரிக்காவுல இருக்குறவனுக்கு, அங்க இருக்குற இந்தியன பாத்து இவன் வெள்ளைக்காரன் இல்லைங்கரத விட பெரிய கடுப்பு “நம்ம ஊர் ஆளுங்க பல பேரோட இவனுங்க நெறையா சம்பாதிக்குறாங்க” ங்கரதுதான்.
அதே கருமாந்தரம்’தான்…வேற ஊருலிருந்து வந்து “நல்லா” (??!!) சம்பாதிக்கர்த பாத்து நம்ம ஊர்ல கஷ்ட படுறவன் உருவாக்குன “I.T Guy” image இப்போ கொடி கட்டி பறக்குது.
அட free’யா விடுங்க boss. தில்லு முல்லு’ல சுப்ரமணிய பாரதி சொல்ற மாதிரி “எல்லாம் ஐ வாஸ்…” நீங்க சம்பாதிக்காதத எதுவும் இவங்க சம்பாதிக்கல.
உங்களோட இவங்க ஒண்ணும் பெரிசா வித்தியாசம் இல்ல…கொஞ்சம் தேவ இல்லாத வெட்டி பந்தா etc. etc. இருக்கும்.

“ஒரே குட்டைல ஊருன மட்டைங்கதான்”

பின் குறிப்பு : தமிழ் வெறியர்களே…இந்த கொச்சை தமிழுக்கு வருந்துகிறேன்.


July 19, 2010

Every time I hear somebody go on like “Shawshank Redemption…it’s an awesome movie man…and you say, you haven’t watched it ?!! Don’t tell me you haven’t seen Godfather too…!”, I enjoy a silent/wicked smile. That statement would always remind me of the times I got into movies. I am somewhere between a total movie geek and someone who would have come up with the above statement. Not a pro, not a rookie. I have my own tastes, my own differences from great critics etc. I don’t know why I am always sarcastic about ‘hope’ and “offers i can’t refuse”…. “The Horror!! The Horror.” Those 2 (actually 3 if you noticed “The Horror!” but thats a movie that is way better than the ones mentioned above) are really good movies that prove to be a great starting point to get into movies. Then you(I) graduate(d) into classics, then you(I) start appreciating the greatness of Hitchcock, the New Wave (and of course, a lot more movies from great names that I can mention to show off and puzzle some people). Then you try to revise your geography lessons and enter all foreign territories. At this point some people get carried away so much that they tend to ignore the good movies that come out in your local language – luckily I still am able to appreciate good movies that rarely come up in Tamil. But I always console myself watching some wonderful old Tamil movie. Some of the new films look promising but somehow fail to end up as greats. But they do give us some ‘hope’.

One thing I learnt about movies is that if you want to enjoy a movie, you can enjoy it. It’s only a matter of finding out how to enjoy. Most movies that I really enjoy are the ones that most people don’t bother to watch. So I prefer watching them alone and then read discussions about it, discuss with friends who would have definitely enjoyed it. Then there are movies that need to be watched with friends. These are obviously the famous ones. Then there are movies of Vijay, T.R, Captain etc. I’m limiting myself to few of such greats from the Tamil movie industry alone. Their movies also can be enjoyed by watching it as a huge gang and making fun of all their on-screen antics.

Today we are in a state where I think I will have to write “Inception” wherever I had written Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather so far. I liked the movie as everyone did. What bothered me the most, was the way so many people came up with their own genius reviews on every millimeter online that they could lay their hands on. “Greatest movie…this..that” and what not. Some were welcomed with a good amount of ridicule that I enjoyed very much. “Greatest movie u’ve watched is it? wat other movies have u watched? Thambi, Sura??”. I am definitely not comparing Inception with these movies. I am at wonder at how people jump to conclusions calling the movie a masterpiece, the greatest etc. These people need to watch some real masterpieces. My friend rightly put it the other day. He said people say things like that in a fear that others might think they did not understand the movie. Very true. Can we call it கும்பலோட கோவிந்தா ? It is just going to be a matter of time before Inception gives way to the next instant “greatest” movie.

Lets watch/enjoy/talk more movies, good movies, great movies…waiting for next “greatest” movie and some really great movies. I’ll leave you with images from a few of my favourite movies.

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“Fhariyuhh-thugo ?!”

July 19, 2010

It’s been quite sometime now, since I have been hearing these words. Few days ago we were exclaiming at how all of us friends reacted when we first heard “Fhariyuhh-thugo ?”. My first reaction was saying “Sorry?? What were you saying?”, a few times after which I got a vague understanding of what it really meant. I said “Thugo…” anyway, as I thought I could be right in some manner (ஏதோ ஒரு பட்சி சொல்லிச்சு). Later when I realised what it meant, I was happy that I was luckily correct. My friends reaction to it was the best you could imagine. Equally puzzled at the CAT-Data-Interpretation section type of question, he said “Yes…”. I don’t remember what the reaction to his answer was. If you haven’t figured out what the title of this post means, I’ll give a clue in the form of another blooper moment.
This time one of my friends was ordering food at a fast-food and he asked for something in his dish. But the person readying his meal, went inside and brought another lady. The lady said “Yes?? I am Maya”. Apparently my friend had asked for mayonnaise(“Mayo”). Accent…!!!
Yes, we finally figured out what it meant after two or three times. “For here? or To go?” ! “Yes…Yes!”

blooper moments in the US of A

September 14, 2009

“Hi…How may I help you?”

“I need…(blah blah)”

“Do you have your ID?”

“Yeah, it’s 1-1-0…”

“No, I meant if you have the card…’cos I need to make sure you are who you’re claiming to be and you also seem to be schizophrenic…”

You would have thought it to have been rude. It was too quick. The conversation had hardly started and this person had noticed this so quick. Well…, I was wearing a T-Shirt that said

‘I’m not schizophrenic…and neither am I’. So it was all in good humour.

At another office…

“Ok…welcome aboard. Introduce yourself to others who work here.”

“Hi, I’m Vydhieswaran…”

“Hi, I’m Erin…”

“Graduate student here…??”


“Oh…I’m a grad student…which major? (I probably meant which engineering department?)”


I couldn’t go on with the conversation for a moment…Not that I haven’t heard of criminology, but the fact that there is something called criminology hit me only then (nothing against criminology or people who do it). Only after that, I remembered that I’m away from home…where the question would have been which college and the answer would have been some Rakayee Mookayee Engineering college (Thanks to my high school math teacher for the name). Here, people atleast study what they want and don’t follow the wave.
I felt cheap when I said “Oh OK…I think I would be going…got a class in sometime.” with a stupid grin.

audio_button_iconBack home this is more or less the case…

The Indian fresher party or the free-dinner-day…was fun even for someone like me,who is not interested in dancing to music. The agenda of the day had been met…food. Then started the actual paaarddy. The crowd basically got divided into one huge and one tiny group. The tiny group was the supposedly less cool, tamil speaking one. This group had me and a few others, who I am going describe in detail now. These few are the ones who are always in two minds. They want to join the party and enjoy. But there is something thats stopping them. They always want company…like our Vivek puts it “ஒண்ணுக்கு போக கூட ஒங்களுக்கு company வேணுமாடா…?” I couldn’t go home alone at this point of time on a Saturday night, with recent mugging and armed robberies going on around. I ask them “Either you guys go dance and I’ll go somewhere and be back when you are done or we’ll atleast go home if you aren’t doing anything”. No, they won’t listen. “தமிழன் மானத்த வாங்காம வுட மாட்டீங்கடா”. Of all the places, we decide to kick one-guys butt in the name of today-is-not-my-birthday…bums. Everybody (in the tiny group) starts to try and catch some guy to hold and kick. I also got kicked. தமிழன் மானத்த இப்புடி சூத்துல…ச்சீ…காத்துல பறக்க வுட்டீங்களேடா ??!!

We went to DC, few days back. I happened to be the photographer of the trip. Being the photographer has its own problems.
1. You tend to get lost, when you keep trying to get a good shot.
2. If people see a decent cam in your hand,they think you are some big photographer and they give you their camera and say “Bhai saabh…ek pikchar…”.
3. The most pissing thing of all, is that you don’t get a good picture of yours…

The photo I clicked
The photo I clicked

The photo of me, clicked by my friend…
The photo of me, clicked by my friend...

Food is another thing if you are a vegetarian like me…I’ve never thought about spending on food until I came here. There aren’t many options if you are a vegetarian. All I got in the food court in a museum in DC was a cheese pizza. I thought that must be filling leave alone it tasting good. What I ended up eating was the thinnest pizza slice of my life. It was thin beyond imagination. I wondered how they priced it the price I paid it for. I’m sure food is going to be one helluva thing these two years for me who has never been out of home for school, college or work.

Here I am waiting for my first coffee (the real coffee) watching tamil comedy on youtube and waiting for more blooper moments and about click on “Publish”.

Long time no see

July 7, 2009

I was carrying out my routine with the TV, which is switching channels with the remote, when I happened to see the Williams sisters warming-up for the final. Oh! I don’t have a direct-to-home nor do I subscribe to the pay-channels. This was some lucky day. So, that’s how I got to watch the Ladies’ Wimbledon final. It was awesome to see some great tennis action after so many years. I don’t remember the last time I saw live tennis. I followed tennis till the DD showed all the major tennis action live…around the time till Pete Sampras was there. The match started off in a great fashion and ended up on a not-so-great note, thanks to Venus who suddenly seemed to have no answers. But it felt great to have seen a tennis match after such a long time. Then my irritation towards cricket started, for the next day there was a match that they would show and not the Men’s finals.

Having nothing else to do I switched on the TV hoping that by some remote chance, they would show tennis. Before the screen showed anything, I thought I heard the plok-plok sound of a tennis racquet hitting the ball. It was true. I saw the gentlemen’s finals. There was a message that stayed on the screen permanently that looked like a scorecard. It said something like “Ind vs WI delayed due to rain.”.Fuming, I read it as “Please bear with us. We are showing tennis just because the cricket match is being delayed”. Why else would that message be showed constantly? But this proved to be an awesome match. After being away from tennis this long, I could see the contrast between other team games and tennis. This was more challenging both physically and mentally. The player has to play for himself rather for a team. This would give rise to one’s 100% without any doubts. The audience cheered for the player rather than a team. Just think of the difference between screaming “Come on India” when the last two guys are batting compared to “Come on Roger…” . The player’s mind would definitely be affected differently to these chants. I supported Roddick. I have had enough of Federer’s winning. He need not prove that he’s a great anymore. Roddick played brilliantly. It was just hard luck I would say. May be I supported Roddick because Federer was on the verge of surpassing Sampras’ record. Sampras is still my favourite, though I hardly remember anything of his play. He was the great when I had a gotten a grip of what tennis was.

I never hated cricket. Yes…its “hate(d)”…history. I still remember how big a thing World Cup 1996 was for me. I still remember the “Wills World Cup 1996…Share the magiiiic” ads and what not? Kambli crying, the crowd that behaved like spoilt kids, Richie Richardson’s sweep shot hitting the square-leg umpire during the semi-final with the Aussies etc. I supported the Aussies from the times of Mark Waugh and Mark Taylor, the team under Steve Waugh and even when Ponting was made captain( Yeah I am a patriot, but found that feeling different from sports. That might anyway give rise to many debates.). But these days cricket is no more interesting. One reason I found tennis this interesting this sunday is probably because of the least commercial intervention. The players make big-time money. But, somehow they seem to know where to draw the line. Hope the kids of today learn something from them. I don’t want to go on about the T20 and the modernisation of the sport etc. Come on…It would just be pointless.

If you asked me “So what’s your point?” or where it is, I don’t have an answer. This is just me rambling about, indeed pretty jobless and definitely not trying to kill time. If you want to know how I kill time…

Here’s how

and also here…

La Nuit Américaine

June 16, 2009

This morning I heard a rooster crowing…a rare occurrence in my place. This reminded me of the only other time I remember hearing a rooster crowing near my place. It was around 6.45 on a Saturday morning. I had just come back from office after going there the previous day at around 12 noon, I switched on the fan and went to fall on the bed when the damn thing crowed. “Holy crap ! I’ve never heard such a thing near my house.” I was already pissed for all obvious reasons. Just before I left office, I asked someone for some clarification. It was actually very trivial. He asked, “என்னடா கேரா இருக்க?” (something like “you feeling dizzy or something?”).

That was an interesting week for during that time, i was working late for almost few months. So we never had track of time. We were familiar with sleepy drivers driving us home, the late night(…or should i say early morning) radio shows. The week was good till Wednesday, we left just before 00:00, I remarked “when I go home, my mom is gonna ask ‘you left office the same day you left!’ “. Since I had left office ‘early’, I came to office at 9 in the morning on Thursday. I left at 4.30 on Friday. It was my longest day at office.

When I went home, I was woken up after half hour of sleep by (don’t ask me “Oh! so you slept?!”) someone banging on the door and calling for someone. It was next door. An old couple live there. This happened pretty often. So, I just lay awake. After sometime, the banging became frantic and ‘calling out’ became sobbing. “OMG!! Think the grandpa passed away in the loo…”. After some more time, I thought I have to go find out what happened to that grandpa. I woke my dad…”wake up! think that next-door grandpa passed away!!”. My dad had a wonderful start to his next day…For me it was still the same day.
Then, the grandma called…”Eshwar…”

They are the best combination you can imagine. The grandpa has vision problems and grandma can’t hear. Grandpa had closed the door after he went to have water or something. He didn’t realize that grandma also was up and he had closed the room where she was and went back to bed. She had been locked up for quite sometime and apparently started crying. I jumped over the wall and went to a window and knocked on it. “Old fella…you’ve locked up your lady love there. please open the door and let me sleep a little bit.” Finally I went back to bed not knowing, that the next day I would have a silly rooster mocking me.

— La Nuit Américaine —